What’s It All About?

John needs your help…
John Faust, alchemist, sorcerer and fugitive soul, seeks your assistance.
Part play, part interactive show, experience a re-imagining of the classic legend inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore.
For one bare hour you are asked to help obscure Faust from his demonic pursuers. But things don’t always go to plan and the Devil Without starts to manifest within.
Audience interaction, magic, infrasound and illusion combine to bring a whole new immersive theatrical interpretation of the Faust legend.

You know that almost all demons are your own, right?

‘If you’ve any interest at all in magic as an artform, then you must find time to see The Devil Without’
– Fringe Guru

The only show to augment the audience experience with a Helmholtz resonator, a device that plays infrasound- sound played at or below 16hz that you can feel but not hear- alongside binaural beats and Neuro-lingual suggestion designed to unnerve and immerse the audience in the world of the play. Featuring music by Daniel Sarstedt (son of Novello winner Peter Sarstedt) and art by Eisner Award winner Glenn Fabry. Performed by Ian Harvey Stone, an actor and mentalist trained by E. Raymond Carlyle the son of Houdini’s prop maker.

One response to “What’s It All About?

  1. Tom Schulz ⋅

    “Students are still talking about Ian’s show two weeks later…and begging me to get him back for an encore performance! The word of his workshops has also spread like wildfire…we’ll need to get him back to Singapore asap.”


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